Welcome to the inCRAFTion Store.  Our current VIP special is here!  Donate $5 or more and get all the features below.  

- Custom nick name with color options
- VIP kit includes 9 diamonds, 1 diamond sword, 1 d shovel, 1 d pickaxe, 1 d axe, 1 elytra wings (need to allow re-use after a certain amount of votes, idea by darkiss)
- DepositAll command to dump your entire inventory into your surrounding chests
- Shift+Click a chest to dump/sort items directly into without having to open
- Workbench anywhere with /wb
- Jumpto Command
- Can have up to 4 homes
- Can have up to 30 horse claims
- Craftbook Treelopper (instantly cut down tree and replant)


- Double XP always on.